Robótica Médica
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Automatic movements

Automatic guidance systemAutomatic guidance system. . It consists of reaching a position defined by a surgeon’s tool, whereas the other instrument is considered as an obstacle the robot must avoid. To that end, the current velocity of the robot and the obstacle tool is processed through a Fuzzy Logic algorithm for planning the robot’s trajectory with the combination of three behaviors: the first one is devoted to find a target trajectory avoiding static obstacles by means of the artificial potential fields method; the second one is devoted to correct the robot’s velocity depending on the obstacle motion and the distance between the two tools; finally, a third behavior is needed to displace the robot-guided tool in the direction of the obstacle when the collision is forced by the surgeon.




Automated systems


Automated systems. The automated systems are developed to assist certain movements distinctive of the operations. Specifically, it details the automation of one of the surgical tools to assist surgeons during a suture procedure. The total system detects the different movement phases in suture procedures through a maneouvre recognition system and a computer vision system. This latter detects the needle position and orientation so that the robot can collaboratively work with the surgeon.



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