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Fault-tolerant control architecture

ERM functional architecture

Functional architectureFunctional architecture. An essential requirement in medical applications is the guarantee of the system safety. To achieve this, the first step is to design a system based on a set of modules which have a specific functionality. A surveyor process will keep the modules in good working order (centre of the right figure). If any anomalous situation happens, it will activate the “failure mode” of the surgical assistant. This technique needs to study all possible errors appearing in every module, to analyze the way they may be detected, and to plan to act accordingly.




UML design



UML design. The surveyor programming of the functional architecture can also be critical. In order to ensure that the program is free of errors, a codification is followed with some styles rules. Likewise, a series of unit tests, functional integration tests and hardware integration tests are conducted in every UML module. The left figure details the UML scheme programmed in the surveyor of the functional architecture.








See publication: Fault-tolerant control architectures



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