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Implementation of telerobotics system

Teleoperation of ERM assistant

Teleoperation of ERM assistantTeleoperation of ERM assistant. In the pictures, it is firstly appreciated, on the left, a group of surgeons in the operating room during an intervention with an animal for experimentation purposes, and on the right, the remote surgeon with an interface monitor, via which the surgeon can see the image of the laparoscopic camera, and a space ball with which he can control the robot. The task of the remote surgeon is to supervise the operation performed in order to act in three ways: i) to communicate with the local surgeons via videoconference, ii) to make marks in its monitor so that local surgeons can see them on theirs, or iii) to take control of the robot in order to center the camera on a specific area of interest.



Teleoperación de quirófano robotizado remotoTeleoperation of remote automated operating room

Teleoperation of remote automated operating room. In the following pictures, it is appreciated the system configuration. On the right, it is shown the remote surgeon with an interface containing a monitor on which the laparoscopic image is displayed via IP, and two haptic devices. On the left, it is appreciated the automated operating room containing the ERM robotic assistant devoted to handle the endoscope, and two manipulator robots using each one a tool. This way, the remote surgeon controls the ERM through the voice, and the manipulator arms, which are provided with a force sensor, through the haptic devices.



See publication: Telerobotics



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