Robótica Médica
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Clinical essays

ISA assistantISA assistant. It is the first prototype designed to be used in laparoscopic surgery and based on an industrial manipulator. It was used to study the viability of the robot assistant for handling the endoscope in this kind of operations. In-vitro tests were firstly performed to evaluate the efficacy of robot in laparoscopic camera positioning. It was followed by the phase of clinical trials with animals for experimentation purposes in which interventions such as the cholecystectomy, the Nissen fundoplication, or the removal of part of the colon were evaluated. On the right, it is appreciated a picture of one of the interventions with animals.



Automated cystoscopy

Automated cystoscopy. It was an adaptation technique of ISA assistant for the examination of the urinary bladder. The essays were performed with animals for experimentation purposes, and this time, the cystoscope was inserted directly into the animal’s urethra. The success of these essays provided evidence that a same robot can perform more than one task, representing a cost recovery in a shorter space of time. On the right picture, it is appreciated one of the essays with animals for experimentation purposes.




ERM assistantERM assistant. The robot was used in human clinical medicine. This system has been tested with thirty two patients in clinical trials. To achieve this, the robot was adapted in order to fulfil the demanding requirements concerning the electro-medicine machines. A clinical protocol for the description of the study field was also designed. It was concluded that, through this robot’s use, the amount of time of the operation as well as the surgeon’s fatigue were significantly reduced. Similarly, another advantage was that the patient needed less time to recuperate after the operation. On the right, there is a picture showing one of the operation moments.




In-vitro essays for the analysis of surgical manoeuvres 1In-vitro essays for the analysis of surgical manoeuvres. The in-vitro manoeuvres essays have been carried out taking into account the study of clinical protocols for acquiring the surgeon’s model, particularly the cholecystectomy procedure. These in-vitro essays have enabled the construction of a maneouvre recognition system contained in the multimodal interface, and the creation of the automatic movements so that the robot and the surgeon can collaborate in manoeuvres such as the suture technique.In-vitro essays for the analysis of surgical manoeuvres 2




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